GEI Washing Machine

It is made up with high quality of Stainless Steel. It is suitable for all types of processes like washing, dying, bleaching etc.

Washing machine comes in five different capacities (25kg, 50kg, 100kg, 150kg & 200kg).
Model Capacity
GWM-25 25kg
GWM-50 50kg
GWM-100 100kg
GWM-150 150kg
GWM-200 200kg
Basket size & volume varies for different models of Washing machine.
Model Basket size & Volume
GWM-25 Dia 740*940/400Ltrs
GWM-50 Dia 900*1240/772Ltrs
GWM-100 Dia 1100*1500/1450Ltrs
GWM-150 Dia 1065*2220/2150Ltrs
GWM-200 Dia 1220*2240/2850Ltrs
Motor capacity varies in each and every model of Washing machine.
Model Motor Capacity
GWM-25 2 HP
GWM-50 5 HP
GWM-100 7.5 HP
GWM-150 10 HP
GWM-200 12 HP
Steam Heating varies from each and every model of Washing machine.
Model Steam Heating(Kg/Hr)
GWM-25 40
GWM-50 80
GWM-100 120
GWM-150 200
GWM-200 300
Electric heating changes from each and every model of Washing machine.
Model Electric Heating(KW)
GWM-25 6
GWM-50 12
GWM-100 18
GWM-150 24
GWM-200 30
Drain remains same for GWM-25&GWM-50(i.e. Dia 75) and GWM-150&GWM-200 (i.e. Dia 150) and varies for model GWM-100.
Model Drain
GWM-25 Dia 75
GWM-50 Dia 75
GWM-100 Dia 100
GWM-150 Dia 150
GWM-200 Dia 150
Water Connection remains same for GWM-25 & GWM-50(i.e. 1”BSP) and GWM-150 & GWM-200 (i.e. 2”BSP*2No) and varies for model GWM-100.
Model Water Connection
GWM-25 1”BSP
GWM-50 1”BSP
GWM-100 2”BSP
GWM-150 2”BSP*2No
GWM-200 2”BSP*2No
Overall dimension changes for each and every model.
Model Overall Dimensions
GWM-25 1955*940*1143
GWM-50 2235*1092*1346
GWM-100 3200*1320*1524
GWM-150 3810*1320*1524
GWM-200 3810*1676*1524

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