GEI Washing Extractor

It is a single unit that combines both washing machine and spin dryer. It is provided with 5 compartments of Chemical dispensers for flexible use of chemicals. User Friendly interface with large multicolor touch screen is easily programmable. Stored programs are easily accessible by drop down menu. Access control with user name/password ensure unauthorized usage use of AC Frequency inverter drive & Micro controller from world class Manufactures. A surge protection device is provided to protect expensive electrical/electronic panel from voltage spikes and surges.

Washer extractor comes in three different capacities (15kg, 30kg & 50kg).
Model Capacity
GWE-15 15 Kg
GWE-30 30 Kg
GWE-50 50 Kg
The drum used here is of AISI304 grade stainless steel. It is of closely perforated die sunk, embossed for rigidity and safety.
Model Drum Size/Vol(mm/lts)
GWE-15 Dia 650*450/150
GWE-30 Dia 890*560/348
GWE-50 Dia 1020*610/500
Model Low Extraction Speed(Rpm)
GWE-15 725
GWE-30 650
GWE-50 600
Model High Extraction Speed(Rpm)
GWE-15 1000
GWE-30 900
GWE-50 825
Model G factor(g)
GWE-15 307
GWE-30 318
GWE-50 320
Model Motor(kw)
GWE-15 2.2/3phase, 415V,50Hz
GWE-30 3.7/3phase, 415V,50Hz
GWE-50 5.7/3phase, 415V,50Hz
Model Electric Heating Power(kw)
GWE-15 9
GWE-30 18
GWE-50 36
Model Dimension(mm)
GWE-15 910*1230*1340
GWE-30 1270*1450*1080
GWE-50 1560*1765*1875
Model Machine Weight(approx.)(kg)
GWE-15 650
GWE-30 1080
GWE-50 1800

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