GEI Hydro Extractor

GEI's HYDRO EXTRACTOR is used for extracting water from the wet garments. It removes close to 75 to 80% moisture from the wet clothes by centrifugal action. Inner rotating drum is of Stainless steel with close perforations for efficient water removal, the outer stationery basket is made of two halves, the upper part is of Stainless steel and the lower part is of heavy gauge Mild steel duly galvanized and painted for long life.

3 Leg Suspension type comes in three different capacities (25kg, 50kg & 75kg).
Model Capacity
GHE-25-3L 25 KG
GHE-50-3L 50 KG
GHE-75-3L 75 KG
Basket size and volume changes for every model in 3 Leg Suspension type.
Model Basket size & volume
GHE-25-3L Dia 700*345/135ltrs
GHE-50-3L Dia 920*350/235ltrs
GHE-75-3L Dia 1040*400/340ltrs
In 3 Leg Suspension type Basket speed remains same for every model.
Model Basket Speed
GHE-25-3L 900 RPM
GHE-50-3L 900 RPM
GHE-75-3L 900 RPM
In 3 Leg Suspension type, Motor capacity varies for every product.
Model Motor Capacity
GHE-25-3L 5 HP
GHE-50-3L 7.5 HP
GHE-75-3L 10 HP
In 3 Leg Suspension type, Drain varies for every product.
Model Drain
GHE-25-3L Dia 50
GHE-50-3L Dia 75
GHE-75-3L Dia 100
In 3 Leg Suspension type, Overall dimensions varies for each products.
Model Dimension
GHE-25-3L 1250*1350*1025
GHE-50-3L 1430*1630*1150
GHE-75-3L 1630*1830*1250

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