Electric Steam Generator

GEI's ELECTRIC STEAM GENERATOR are used for steam supply mainly to vacuum ironing table manufactured as per industry quality standards, using premium quality of materials. Features like water level controller, low level water indication, water level side glass, solenoid value with knob to control stream flow are provided for trouble free performance.

Number of steam iron varies in each product.
Model No of steam iron
GSG 01 1 No
GSG 02 2 No
GSG 04 4 No
GSG 06 6 No
Power required for each product is different.
Model Power required
GSG 01 2 KW
GSG 02 4 KW
GSG 04 12 KW
GSG 06 18 KW
In ELECTRIC STEAM GENERATOR, Steam pressure will remain same for every product.
Model Steam pressure
GSG 01 5 Bar
GSG 02 5 Bar
GSG 04 5 Bar
GSG 06 5 Bar
In ELECTRIC STEAM GENERATOR, Dimension will vary for each product.
Model Dimension
GSG 01 330*280*410
GSG 02 410*290*410
GSG 04 660*610*860
GSG 06 660*610*860

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