Direct Drive Type

GEI's DIRECT DRIVE HYDRO EXTRACTOR construction is different from 3 leg suspension type, but the performs the same function Inner rotating drum of stain less still with close performances for efficient water removal, and the drum is mounted directed on a specially designed motor having rubber mount at the bottom and held in position by springs.

Direct drive type comes with five different capacities (15kg, 25kg & 50kg).
Model Capacity
GHE-15-DD 15 KG
GHE-25-DD 25 KG
GHE-50-DD 50 KG
Basket size & Volume varies for every model. They are as follows:
Model Basket size & volume
GHE-15-DD Dia 500*330/65ltrs
GHE-25-DD Dia 700*345/135ltrs
GHE-50-DD Dia 920*345/235ltrs
Basket Speed is same for every Direct Drive type model.
Model Basket Speed
GHE-15-DD 960 RPM
GHE-25-DD 960 RPM
GHE-50-DD 960 RPM
Motor capacity remains same for two models (GHE-15-DD&GHE-25-DD) and changes for GHE-50-DD model.
Model Motor Capacity
GHE-15-DD 3 HP
GHE-25-DD 3 HP
GHE-50-DD 5 HP
Drain remains same for two models (GHE-25-DD &GHE-50-DD) and changes for GHE-15-DD model.
Model Drain
GHE-15-DD Dia 50
GHE-25-DD Dia 75
GHE-50-DD Dia 75
Overall dimensions changes for each and every model.
Model Dimension
GHE-15-DD 1250*1350*1025
GHE-25-DD 1430*1630*1150
GHE-50-DD 1630*1830*1250

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